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Bollyfit Active in the Community
'Empowering Women in the Community'

Bollyfit Active in the Community is open to all women and tailored to suit all abilities. The session is comprised of 30 minutes of dance cardio and 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises. Our welcoming, friendly and upbeat environment allows women of all abilities to express their individuality through music, fitness and dance. Are you ready to feel energised? Are you ready to be empowered? Embrace physical and mental wellness and join Bollyfit Active in the Community today.

Bollyfit Active for Organisations.
'Prioritise your Employees Health'

In this current climate, the health and wellbeing of your employees has never been more important. Our Bollyfit Active for Organisations package is the perfect way to pause the stresses and anxieties of the workplace and put your employees first. We tailor the package to accommodate the needs of your organisation. Sessions can be centred around fitness, health and wellbeing, motivational talks, or fun team building dance sessions.

Move & Learn with Bollyfit Active.
'Emphasise Physical and Mental Wellness'

Move and Learn with Bollyfit Active is a 6-week package designed to empower women through the medium of dance and fitness. Move and Learn with Bollyfit Active introduces participants to fitness and exercise, teaching members how to create and commit to a healthy lifestyle. The sessions are 1 hour long; comprised of 30 minutes of Health Talks & 30 minutes of dance.

"Dholki" and "Hen" Nights with Bollyfit Active
'Create Unforgettable Memories'

Create a truly unforgettable occasion filled with fun, culture and memories. Bollyfit Actives 'Dholki' and 'Hen' Nights are customisable and tailored to your needs. Whether you want a special fitness class, a memorable dance lesson , or a fun-filled night of karaoke with your family friends, our Bollyfit facilitators will be on hand to make your occasion truly unforgettable.

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