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Our Vision

'We want to empower women of all cultures, religions and races, creating a community of independent women united by fitness, health and well-being.'

Our Mission

To empower and inspire a generation of independent women who believe in who they are. Our protected women's-only fitness space supports South Asian and BAME women to find their voice in society. We are actively tackling obesity, depression, anxiety, isolation and working towards improving the health and well being of South Asian and BAME women and girls. Our fitness sessions focus on physical health and mental wellness, incorporating culture, religion and individuality into our classes. Through inspiring South Asian and BAME women to trust in their own voice, we aim to tackle the health crisis which disproportionately affects women of a BAME background.

The issues we are tackling

  • Relationships focused on responsibility, expectations and obligations
  • Lack of identity outside the family
  • Abuse, Control and Manipulation
  • The harmfulness of traditional family roles
  • Lack of support networks outside family circles
  • Racism and prejudice
  • Poverty in society
  • Health issues such as obesity, depression, and anxiety


  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) which includes heart attack and strokes account for 16.7 million deaths globally each year.
  • CVD is the leading cause of death in the UK and 33% of all mortality in South Asian women is caused by CVD. (25% in South Asian men)
  • Insufficient physical activity is recognised as a significant, independent risk factor for CVD and other chronic diseases.
  • South Asian women are disproportionately affected by chronic diseases, with studies showing South Asain women do less physical exercise than their white counterparts
  • 46% of Black households in the UK were in poverty, compared with just under one in five white families.
  • In a recent poll of 400 BAME teachers, 54 per cent had experienced actions they believe are demeaning to their racial heritage or identity.
  • Black Caribbean children are 3.5 times more like to be expelled than all other children at all educational levels

Our Pledge

Women are the backbone of every community. We help BAME and South Asian women build confidence, purpose and self-worth, giving them the confidence to be heard. Our women's-only fitness program allows members to express themselves freely in a safe and secure environment. Our women have formed long-lasting friendships, bonding over a shared love of dance, fitness and wellbeing. We celebrate our members' individuality, encouraging them to be themselves, express their feelings and move out of their comfort zones. Bollyfit Active supports members physical and mental wellbeing; it's a safe space void of negativity and place of healing. We place particular emphasis on 'adaptation', helping members adapt to ever-changing society and teaching that 'new things' can be better than old traditions. In addition to Bollyfit Active's in-person fitness classes, we also utilise ZOOM and WhatsApp to ensure our members are supported 24/7. Through expanding our service to online platforms, we have expanded the Bollyfit community, making sure our women always have constant access to support and a safe-space to express their feelings.

Our Impact

  • Reduction in GP visits
  • Reduction in medication
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Activity
  • Increased Emotional Resilience
  • Increase personal wellbeing
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduction in social Isolation
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