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Gyms can be lonely, impersonal places. Testosterone-fuelled amphitheatres packed full of health fanatics each trying to outdo one another. For the average person, a trip to the gym can be a daunting prospect: alpha-males chugging protein powder, condescending glances from gym instructors, the sense of loneliness whilst working out. It's therefore not surprising that 57% of women feel insecure whilst working out at the gym. What if there was a solution? A women's only fitness environment tailored to accommodate all abilities. A place that unites women from all cultures, religions and races with the aim of 'Creating FIT Women.'

Bollyfit Active is a unique fitness movement with a simple aim: 'To create a community of empowered women who want to take control of their Health, Wellness and Fitness.' Bollyfit Active offers a strictly women-only environment, incorporating cultural music and cultural dance to tackle obesity, isolation and depression and improving the health and well being of South Asian and BAME women in the local community. Our women's only fitness community offers fun and interactive fitness sessions, allowing participants to achieve a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle. We understand the importance of mental well-being as well as physical health, with our classes emphasising wellness and inner growth.

Here at Bollyfit Active, we recognise the real issue of health inequality amongst South Asian and BAME women. Women from BAME backgrounds have few opportunities to establish support networks outside of their family's; unable to attend mainstream social and physical activity settings. Lack of cultural sensitivity from statutory services leads to a lack of support for women of BAME backgrounds. This leads to depression, anxiety, and life-limiting illness, and consequently disproportionate levels and obesity, stress and disease. Issues regarding racism, abuse and poverty only accentuate such health issues.

Our participants are women of all cultures, backgrounds, religions and races, all united by fitness, friendship and freedom. We place particular emphasis on each participant's cultural background, encouraging every member to connect with music that is culturally significant to them. This allows participants to understand and relate to the music on a much deeper level than your average Zumba class. Our welcoming, friendly and jovial environment allows women of all abilities to express themselves through the medium of culture, music and dance. Throughout the sessions, we invite attendees to take the lead in the Confidence Builder Circle of Dance, allowing participants to exhibit their individuality whilst building confidence and leadership skills. Women can showcase their achievements and accomplishments to family and friends at the Quarterly Bollyfit Active Recognition Party.

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